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Of course, there is nothing better than some real interaction, e-mails, phone calls, Skype or OMG, even face to face real live in person! haha…. But that’s not always possible or maybe not even what you need right now, so for those “you’re not really sure what you need” moments. The first thing I can say is hit that contact button above because I would prefer to answer your questions directly. But the next best thing is the below. Scroll thru all the questions I have here and if you still haven’t found an answer, well….. Then your question must not be important. hahaha (again, me cracking myself up). Really though, if you don’t see what you need here, reach out with the contact button above or the contact info below. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll get it for you…. Deal?

What are your rates? 

Well, if that’s the question, you could click on the “investment” tab above. If you’re too lazy or want the short answer. Weddings are all wonderfully unique. They all vary, not one is the same as the other. So how could I possibly give you the same set option as every other couple. I couldn’t. So out with set packages. I hate them. Instead, contact me with the tab above or e-mail me directly:

Where will you travel?

Anywhere I need to in order to capture your love and your day. I’ve shot weddings from Jamaica to New Mexico, New Hampshire to Florida. From Portland Maine one weekend to Portland Oregon the next. Distance is nothing but miles and those miles shouldn’t stop you from having the photography you truly deserve. So give me a chance to discuss your day and your dreams and I’ll do everything I can to make it all a reality.

Do you offer videography services?

I don’t, my goal is to be the best photographer your day can have. BUT…. Depending on what you want covered and how you want it covered, we can “fuse” your day and get all the video you truly need. Is there an additional investment, there is. But it’s less than bringing a videographer into your day. Here’s what I mean by “fusion”… Click here to read more about “fusion” and see the differences. 

Are there limits on photos taken?

Never would I put a limit on how many photos it would take to capture your day. I want to capture your day in a way that will tell the story. Generally, a couple will end up with between 400-600 fully edited images.

Do you have a dog? 

I do, her name is Penny and she’s a Cardigan Welsh Corgi! She’s awesome and while some say “she’s so short”. Don’t let her hear you say it. She get’s self conscious.

How do we book you for our day?

We will handle everything in person and thru e-mail. I do everything I can to run a green business and not use an excess of paper / or shipping materials. Generally the deposit is roughly 25-30% with the remaining balance due 3-4 weeks pre-wedding in cash or check. Credit card is also possible if you prefer.

Do you have client reviews from your couples?

I sure do, you can check a few out ::here:: or contact me and I’ll direct you to about 50 or so more.

Do we get the copyright to our photos?

That’s a question that the photography industry makes people believe they need to ask. The “copyright” is always the photographers. However, as my couple, I don’t believe in holding your images hostage. What I do believe in is making sure you not only receive YOUR photos in full resolution and fully edited, but that you also know the best places to have them printed. (I can also provide printing if it’s needed)

What do we get our photos on?

I have recently switched over to some AWESOME custom wood USB’s with their cute little wooden box (with your image printed on it). All of your photos will be on that USB as well as an online gallery that you can share with the universe. Or just your Nana if you prefer.

Do you take family photos on the wedding day?

It’s a must! For you, your family and more! We do them quick but they’re a true highlight.

Can my aunts and uncles take photos?

Totally! Just as long as they don’t slow us down and they stay out of my cross hairs. I generally give them a few seconds to grab a shot, then I grab mine. (if they get to be too much, I take care of them, don’t worry. 😉 )

Are you insured? 

I sure am, and as a matter of fact, many venues require photographers to carry their own insurance. Just let me know if your venue needs it.

What equipment do you use?

Only the newest and greatest iPhone out! haha. No, really…. I’m a Nikon shooter. If you want to know more details let’s meet up and you can check it all out. It’s like a big bag of expensive toys to me.

Is this your real job?


Is this your only job?


You support yourself doing this?


I’m a photographer and you seem pretty awesome. Can I shoot with you sometime?

Of course, but only if you bring your “A” game.

I heard you were also a professional cyclist? 

Sure was, had an accident that took me out of racing but going up the mountains with your lungs burning and your legs on fire. That’s a pain that is so lovely and true. 😉

I still have more questions will you answer them?

Of course, click on the contact button above.


And when you’re ready. Click here to get in touch!

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