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You fuze what? Well love, but also photos with video….

Fusion [Fyoo-zhuh n]:

  1. In nuclear physics, nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei collide at a very high speed and join to form a new type of atomic nucleus. During this process, matter is not conserved because some of the matter of the fusing nuclei is converted to photons (energy).
  2. the act or process of fusing; the state of being fused
  3. the act in which I continue to capturing moments and photographs the same way I always do, but capturing video in the same ways to put it all together for a final cinematic slideshow / movie to capture your day in a brand new light…

That all being said, a while back I began playing with video. In no way do I want to be a videographer, but what I do want to do is continue learning my craft in a way that brings even more awesome to what I do and what I love. For you, that’s weddings and more. I began to play with video at weddings and have in turn, began to learn and see what an impact combining the two, Photographs and Video, can have on a final product. But not “just video”, video captured in the same way and with the same style I capture my images so that when “fused” they come together in a way that’s simply, beautiful….

It started with slowly working it in such as the following quick “teaser” video for a couples wedding and builds from that.


 And then I began working it more and more. And now, “fusing” is something that I am enjoying so much. Hearing the reactions couples have when they opt for the fused product. Well, that makes it all worth it. But how do you compare the two… Here’s a short video with and then a video with out fusion. You can decide for yourself on what you like. And while these are just showing the difference in the slideshow, with and with out video. There’s so much more available. At times audio, at times bride and groom interviews. It all comes down to what you want your final product to look like at the end of your day.

With video:

Without video:
 And another 1 minute long teaser video to a couples wedding using some photographs, video, and audio.
So the question is, how interested in fusion are you??? Do I want to be a videographer, no, do I want to capture your day in a way like no other. Yes… What do you think about your day????


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