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Candlewood Inn Wedding Photos for Matt and Janet by CT Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic Lovers Leap State Park PhotosYou did it, you have reached that point where you need to set up a timeline for your wedding and you should really do this one thing. “What’s that?” Well, I may be slightly biased, but you need to talk to your photographer. And if you haven’t found a photographer yet, you can always click :: here :: to talk to us.

So now you’re thinking, what is the photographer going to do for my timeline. Well, pretty much everything. Did you know, outside of a wedding planner (wedding planners are pretty awesome, check out One Fine Day’s Site if you need a good planner in southern New England), as I was saying, outside of a wedding planner, the photographer is the only professional vendor that is with you from the beginning till the end. We see it all.

CT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERSBelieve it or not, we can help you work out your entire timetable. Working backwards from some of the most important pieces. If you’re doing a first look, if you don’t have a planner, we will know what time that needs to happen, relative to your ceremony and how large your bridal party is. Are you curious about when photos should happen thru the day, or what time you should get to your ceremony? Maybe you just want to know how early you can get into your dress that you’ve been dying to wear. (reality is, you don’t actually want to sit around in it for 2 hours before you have to)

So while it may have been a surprise, the photographer, at least one who is invested in your day will be ecstatic that they get to help you figure out the when’s and the why’s. As for things you may be worrying about, like the rain. Well, for your timeline and your day, that one is out of your control. You can and should have just a small back up plan for some of the photos (again, your photographer), but really, enjoy it. Love it! Be it! Because it’s your one day, and if you spend the day and the days leading up to it worrying about things, it just won’t be that perfect dream.

Whether you have your photographer help or your planner, this is one time in life you should set some sort of plan and timeline up. Your day deserves to be magic, and the right pro’s on your side will make sure that happens!!!

Coming in the next two months will be some greatness. A weekly roll out of 2018 weddings, forms that you can download such as, you guessed it, a timetable and checklist and more. But even more importantly, the coming months will be bringing you closer to your magical day!!!! Make the most of it because you deserve love!!!

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