Get Thrown Into 2019 – Groomsmen Photo Ideas

Really, get thrown into 2019 and some groomsmen photo ideas. Or in this case, just one.

While many photos you see from all of us here at TAB Photographic bring out the emotions, the soft, the romantic, the edgy, the moody. It’s not all we do. As a matter of fact, a lot of what we do is also fun. Like what you’ll see unfold in this string of images. The main goal, is one of the shots where the groom is hurled into the air! But the shots leading up to, and right after, all make it great.

One of the BIGGEST keys to this shot, which is also why it’s not always possible. The groom, nor the groomsmen can be even tipsy, let alone drunk. Not only would that make the outcome less desirable, chances of someone not being caught go up by about 25,000,000% hahaha. No, really. They do. And here you thought that % wasn’t even possible. In this case, VERY possible!

groomsmen photo TAB Photographic

You can see above, there’s definitely some hesitation from the groom. “really guys, is this a good idea???” the girls in the background still unaware of what’s about to go down. Or…. Up.

groom to be thrown into air

Okay, he’s being talked into it. The nervous laughter begins. I’m sure some of the thoughts in this grooms head, “am I really doing this, I trust these guys that much???”


throw the groom in airHe’s locked and loaded. It’s like the rollercoaster. On the way up, you know what’s coming but if you could, you would jump off the roller coaster and walk back down before being thrusted to the earth as speeds the human body shouldn’t really go. This was the groom. His arms braced around his guys. Probably trying to hold on… But then…..groom prep to be thrown groom toss

Then it starts to happen, ONE, TWO, THREEEEE!!!! And up he starts to go. the nervous smile grows, the hands relax, the feeling of weightlessness begins…..
At this moment, it’s sort of anyones guess as to what will truly happen (and yes, everyone has insurance (this is another key))…. The guys are even feeling like, “WE WILL MAKE HIM FLY!!!!” All of their might being channelled into their best friends flight.

Barns at Wesleyan hills Wedding photo with groom flyingOH! They did it! And not just a little. They threw this dude and threw him hard! And the girls behind, finally catching on to what’s happening. I remember the guys cheering, the girls sighing and the groom squealing in fear. His hands and arms windmilling, never ready to be thrown quite this high.

And the best part…..

groom being thrown into airThey did indeed catch him!!!!!

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