Who am I, right now as a photographer, your photographer…

11825739_10153507746543665_4978114759744452329_nEvery once in a while, I start to ask that question of myself and depending on the time of year or where life has me, the answer varies a little… But really. Who am I??? Well, in the past few weeks I’ve traveled quite a bit for weddings. And this Sunday I head to Jamaica for what’s sure to be an awesome one. I come back to a couple Ct. weddings, then back to Maine, then back in Ct. Rhode Island and more.

In that travel, I think- at times, more than I should, but I’m a thinker. I may not always say that most in words, but I think, think and then think some more… Sometimes it’s about the person walking down the side walk or the old man sitting on the bench I just walked by that I exchanged pleasantries with. Almost always curious of what their story is and who they are. And then my mind comes back to who I am… As a photographer, your photographer. Because who I am myself, surely reflects in who I am as a wedding photographer and creator as a whole.

First and foremost, this year I am in a quiet thinking space. I have found myself sitting, countless hours thru countless evenings in one spot… On my porch. Usually, a glass of whiskey in my hand. Something like a Double Oaked –  Woodford Reserve or Markers 46 if it’s being stirred in to create a tasty treat…

Anyway. I sit on my porch. Curtains pulled to the side. Music going, usually acoustic or indie folk at a very loud volume (good thing Chris my neighbor is cool). The sun starts to create a dappled light across the yard and into the porch area as it dips down into the trees. Then slowly, it rolls behind the peak of Sweetheart Mountain, but it’s not done yet! Because in that moment, if there are clouds, that’s when it really starts to come to life. Painting the sky in pinks, grays, purples and more.

And there… There I still sit. Lots of times I think of the way I shoot so many images, some that I pose, some that I don’t. And many more really, because my goal is to always make my couple look the best they can. Even for that couple that says “we want all candid images”, my question is this. “Do you want to look the best you can?” For a couple that says “no”… Okay then, I shoot away with out posing shots. For the couple that says “Yes, of course we want to look the best we can”… We pose. We create. Just not in a stuffy, old fashioned way. Instead in a clean, organic timeless way. All while I aim to still capture moments that happen on their own and shooting photojournalist’ically along the way. (By the way, no one has ever answered “no” to that question…)…

Back to my point, what I really do love. What I truly love about what I do, capturing weddings and all. Being invited into weddings, is love itself. I came back from a Maine wedding this past weekend and while I haven’t gone thru all the images. There’s one image that I have already gone thru and it’s actually already made it’s way onto the @tabphotographic instagram page. It’s an image, that in my head could sum up this wedding as a whole. Not because it’s full of passion. Or a sunset… Or that perfect lighting or perfect “pose”… It does it because for me – this image sums up the love of their wedding day. Newly married. His hand in hers. Not a locked down hand hold, but a soft, “come with me dear and allow me to guide you thru all the days of our future”… It’s that, or rather “those” moments and images that are my favorite thru a wedding day. And to me, it’s those that can be the perfect image of a wedding day. Not to mention, blow this image up to 48 inches wide and it would make an awesome piece of art for the couple.

So, maybe I didn’t answer the question in the way you thought I would. Maybe to some of you, I didn’t answer the question at all… I guess all I’m saying is that right now, who I am as a photographer, as your photographer, is a simple answer. I’m quietly strolling thru my year, capturing over 45 weddings across the country and more. In doing so, I love those hidden moments and gems that I find in a wedding day – in every wedding day. Because it’s in those moments I feel whole.

Because well….. I guess I just love love….


“That moment, after the “I-do’s”… When every touch is more present. When she takes his hand and guides him up the trail as she will do now and forever… And he will in turn lead when needed and protect her always. But that simple touch of the hand in one of the most wonderful things around”……..

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