Thank you to my TAB Photographic couples for making this possible…

Some of my friends and even some of my couples know that I have two awesome pups. If you follow me on instagram at either @tabphotographic or @theadventuretab you will see photos of them pop up…

Anyway, Banksy, the guy pictured here, while he may only be 21 months old has had a tough go of it. He was rescued from a local rescue and shortly there after, his brother Blue came home. I don’t really want to get to deep into details here but things weren’t going to smoothly for a while and effected many pieces of life in this household. Now though, these two guys are such loves together and always look up at me as though there’s no one better in the world……

They’re not really what this post is about though, this post is actually about giving back. And it’s because of all the TAB Photographic couples that come this way which make giving back possible. As April wraps up, this months donation went to the ASPCA ( you can donate here as well ) with a donation of $200.00…. I do wish I could give more, but some is better than nothing. And even if you donated $10.00, that’s awesome. For this year, at the end of each month I will donate a certain amount of proceeds to causes which combat animal neglect, cruelty and more. If there’s a non-profit you believe I should know about which revolves around that, feel free to comment or email me and I will add it to the future list…

Anyway, for now, I just wanted to thank all the couples from this month which made the donation possible….. I can’t wait till the months really start rolling and I’m able to do more for every animals future…..



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