Sometimes being a dad sucks…

IMG_5249Last week I got in my car and drove away, watching her car fall into the distance and knowing I just left my daughter, crying, as she closed the door.

Leaving your child in tears, is without question, one of the hardest things you can do. Especially when you have no choice. I couldn’t stay there, I couldn’t have her within reach any longer. It was time for her to spread her wings, to grow and to thrive in this next chapter in life. So I drove away. With her in tears, while my eyes too, couldn’t hold the flood gates closed anymore. Actually, right now, just thinking about it, the goosebumps rise and the tears well up. My girl, 14 hours away, having some hard days, some good days… She’s not gone. She’s just not here.

It was a week ago today that I left her at college. Marian University where she will be a Knight. The Marian Knights cycling team is actually one of, (really the) best cycling teams in the country. And I’m so proud that of her, and so happy for her, that she gets to be part of that success. The girl moves on and will now do her thing.

That’s also why there haven’t been many posts here. My time, while not shooting has been revolving around her and her needs. Making sure all the needs were met, making sure we got our time in before she was off doing her thing. All the while.

There have have been shoots and editing and business creating and branding. It’s just been on the down-low while this new chapter begins.

Like the engagement session for Meg and Chris.

These two are great and we did a mini session as the storms were rolling in and the humidity was like 10029209%!!


Or the wedding for Kira and Adam at The Barns of Wesleyan Hills.

Wedding photos for Kira and adam from the Barns At wesleyan hills by TAB Photographic

The engagement session also happened for Brittany & Houston!


And the wedding for Emily and Tony!

CT Wedding Photographers Riverview Simsbury Photos

Or maybe the engagement session for Lisa & Ed!


Or maybe the wedding for Dan and Elizabeth


Really, there’s even more, I am still alive and the new rebranding and business direction will be coming to you soon! In the mean time, we keep plugging forward and making awesome happen!!!

For now though, let’s keep enjoying summer lovin’ and making awesome happen!

And if you need more reading, picture viewing and the likes. Check out these….

A Beach Engagement Session for Kasey and Ben..

Or the Lord Thompson Manor Wedding for Rachel & Steve…

Or maybe the wedding for Sarah & Bert

Now go get outside and enjoy this weather before 10 degree winter days get here!!!!

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