No Wedding Photo Will Ever Compare….

In Memory of Edmond Searles

This past weekend I captured, what is and will always be, “THE” photo from a wedding day. Really, there are two. In 11 years, I have never taken a photo that was a moment like no other, of a love like no other, and one that brought back so many feelings, like no other…. A photo that brought back such emotion and thoughts as to how I got into this entire industry. When my father passed away and I got into the photography world to keep that part of him with me, as he was a professional photographer.

Anyway, the week or two prior went like this. (I’m recapping and keeping some of this story private for reasons that are somewhat obvious”…)

Hey there, a mutual bride used you for her her wedding and I was on the hair and make up team that morning. You had a great energy and I’m curious on your fees. My boyfriend and I are throwing a super spontaneous wedding together. My fathers health is deteriorating quicker than anticipated. 

Right away, I knew I would be there, I would help out and I would do what I could do to make sure one more piece of the day was off her plate. Fast forward two weeks and we were at her wedding day.

Smiles abundant, tears sneaking in from time to time. Her father on the way to the house to get dressed so he would walk or if need be, roll his daughter down the aisle. (Not litterally roll HER, just maybe he would need to be in a wheel chair)… Unfortunately this didn’t play out as hoped, he did make it to the house but wouldn’t make it to the wedding ceremony as he had to get to the hospital. Energies were in turmoil and everyone was doing what ever we could for him, for her and for all of the family. Really, let’s just call it like it was, and that’s a pretty sucky situation.

So, we run around outside and do a few bridal portraits. The wind was high, the temps where low, but we ran around and laughed and got Emily to her ceremony and her now husband. The ceremony was emotional, certain pieces a miss, but the love, the love was strong. Family photos, a handful of photos of the now husband and wife and the decision had been made, we will go to the hospital so Emily and her father could spend some wedding day moments together. And well, this moment, this time, I don’t believe any other wedding in the past or the future will ever compare to this moment. When we entered the hospital, walked down the hall and turned the corner into his room. The smile that snuck onto his face, the softness of their hands holding the others. The quiet words spoken. I stepped out after a few quick photos because this wasn’t my moment. This was theirs and I felt as though I captured it in the best way I knew how.

And in that next moment, walking down the hall, back to the car, the tears, the memories of my past, and that moment. Emily and her father and his new son now welcomed to the family. It was that moment, right there, that no other wedding moment will ever compare to….

And it was these… Right here. These will always be two of my “strongest” images…. Without question…

And yes, unfortunately I write this post in memory of this incredible man, Edmond Searles, Emily’s father. He passed away less than 12 hours later, no longer in pain or fighting the struggle. He’s at peace knowing that his daughter is safe in the arms of her husband. Wrapped in love, from the memories of her father and the future with her husband. More than anything, I want to thank the entire family for trusting me with this day, this love and this moment… Right here.

I am always reminded of how lucky I am to do what I do…..


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