My “break”…. – Sort of a two part post –

So for anyone following along on my site, you’ve realized posts have been slow lately. For about the past 6-8 weeks or so. That “slow” hasn’t had anything to do with not having photos to post. It’s actually almost the complete opposite because I do in deed have shoots to post, weddings to put out to the world and more. But…. Here’s the thing. As many of you get to “clock out” on Friday afternoon’s. As a professional photographer I don’t. I won’t lie, what I do is so incredibly rewarding. Being invited in to capture the moments and the love of so many couples. The flexibility to work my week schedule around my needs and travels. The excitement of creating and more. But. There are parts that, while still great, are tough at times. And that’s about 40 weeks out of the year. haha. It’s still all love, it’s still living in so many great moments. But those 40 weeks, those are like your Monday thru Friday. But my monday starts next week and my friday comes in late December early January.

Really, all I’m trying to say is that the past 6 weeks or so I’ve been laying low. Furthering my education more for this years weddings and getting ready to rock out, what will surely be, a spectacular season with so many awesome freakin’ couples!!!!

In the past 6 weeks, I’ve also been thinking about other things. Like my new studio and gallery that I recently renovated. That space will begin to showcase artists as well as my travel and landscape photography and more.

The other great thing about this year is that my year is booked solid and I already have a good handful of awesome 2016 weddings. Ya know, thinking about it, I’m not sure how many other individuals in their careers can say they have job security thru 2016… And that. That too makes me feel so incredibly lucky!!!

Anyway, all I’m getting at is that the past 6-8 weeks I’ve been laying low to recuperate, recharge, get my excitement stored up and to simply be…. But get ready… Because coming soon will be an explosion of awesome to my 2015 with all my awesome couples past and present.



Part two of this post – well, that’s today. Today it’s still winter, but it’s still raining and it’s foggy and it’s cold and it’s March and it’s dirty and it’s…… It’s so incredibly easy to go on about all the “it’s”… HOWEVER… While it is all those things… It’s also incredibly beautiful out. The softness of the landscape when it’s cloaked in this fog. The calmness. The stillness… Today I ran to the bank and took the long way back. Camera strapped into the drivers seat and these images are what came from that long loop home. All I’m really getting at here is that even in this dankness. Even on days when things aren’t looking so great, when the day is tougher than we anticipated or things don’t go as planned. There’s still so much beauty all around us, we just need to slow down and see it……





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