Like a Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow…

2014-08-31_0063It’s not always about wedding photos and or weddings as a whole. Sometimes it’s not even about Photography. Sure, I still have to turn it into a mini shoot with what ever I may be enjoying or talking about but still. It’s surely not about weddings. Not this time. haha.

Yesterday, while out and about I needed to swing into “the store”. Okay, maybe this stop was the liquor store, “the packy”, The local Wine and Spirits. And a “Spirit” I did find. From Art In The Age. (
First let me just make something clear. I’m an artist, I’m a sucker for design. And they did one heck of a job here. Going for a simple, almost “hipster” look. With font that just pulled me in. And on the back, boom! That’s where they really got me. If it wasn’t the clean strong font’ed front. It was the back. 2014-08-31_0065

The simple line drawn art, the spices all listed out. How could this “stuff” not be good. I eagerly walked out, unsure how or in what way I would enjoy this new tasty treat. But… Before I could taste any I had to do a little product shoot. haha.

Then I opened it up. The first scent was a strong one. My Curiosity peaked. On the rocks for the first sip is the only way to go. POW! This stuff packs a bunch. A taste of birch, root beer, licorice. All the above at once. Yet it’s soft on the palette and doesn’t make your face twist into any uncontrollable forms, not deep breath, no “Wooooo”… This stuff may just be my new favorite. And tonight, after doing some work, like this post, because this post, yea, this is what I do when I work. Doing some more painting on the house. Then…. Then it will be this bottle of Root with one of two choices. Maybe equal parts Root/Whiskey or a “Root Old Fashioned: 2 parts ROOT – 4 dashes Angostura bitters – 1 part simple syrup… That will be up to the day to decide. 

I guess now there’s only one thing to do…. FIND OUT WHERE I CAN GET THEIR OTHER SPIRITS “SNAP” – “RHUBARB” & “SAGE”……

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