I’m just lucky… That’s all really………

No, seriously. I am… I’m one lucky duck…..

This past weekend, beginning Thursday and ending Sunday, I was invited to capture three different weddings. I won’t lie, three weddings can be a doozy, but three weddings can also be awesome. And the best part, wrapping up Sunday, the last wedding of the bunch, I was just as excited to get to the next wedding….. That’s one way I totally know I still love what I do.

One of those reasons, the love what I do reasons, is because every wedding, every location, is so flippin’ awesome and new.

Thursday’s wedding I got to shoot on the beach at Madison Beach Hotel…. One of the best locations for a beach wedding in Ct.

Saturday’s wedding, Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, Ct. ….. Such a stellar estate for beautifully crafted weddings.

And then Sunday I got to wrap up in Downtown Hartford at The Hartford Marriot. Offering up city streets and more for awesome shots…

At every wedding I shoot, I do what I can to stop and take in some of the awesome. From the people to the location to the details. Each wedding always unique in their own way and offering so much. And being invited in to capture their love. F’in great!!! Anyway… I’m just lucky. That on a holiday weekend, I got to hang out at the beach, visit a historic manor and find myself in the city… All in a three day stretch. Not many people get to experience all that over a three day stretch…

What can I say… I’m one lucky duck…..

And while these three images barely touch on their days… I might as well share one from each wedding!!!

::The Madison Beach Hotel Wedding::

Madison Beach Hotel Wedding Photos Photographers in Madison Ct.

::The Lord Thompson Manor Wedding::

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding Photos Photographers Ct. TAB Photographic

The Downtown Hartford Marriot Wedding

Downtown Hartford Wedding Photos Hartford Marriot wedding

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