I’m just a wedding photographer giving away $1,000.00


Yes, that’s me… I’m just a wedding photographer giving away $1,000.00. I know, awesome right. Almost as awesome as being a unicorn. Which, that too I am. And don’t try to tell me I’m not. The photo to the left proves, 100%, that I am, in deed a unicorn. And this site, proves, 100%, that I am, in deed, a professional wedding photographer.

That all being said and made clear. I will also say that I am, 100%, in deed, giving away $1,000.00. Want in??? Then all you have to do is continue reading on. (OH OH! If you know someone that could use some cash, send them this post too so they can keep their eyes and ears open)

See, it goes like this, I’ve been invited into weddings, to capture the love, the moments and the crazy, for many years now. Shooting weddings from Maine to Florida, from West Virginia to Oregon, from Ct. to Jamaica and A LOT of places in between. Well, 2015 is shaping up to be another crazy awesome banner year! So….. What to do, what to do. How about have a little fun. Still reading???

So, one thing I dislike is paying to advertise. Advertise here, advertise there. Does some of it work? Sure does. However, I love thinking of new ways to have some fun when it comes to “advertising”… Right now you’re probably thinking “C’mon, how can I get my hands on that cold hard cash…

2014-09-08_0001And well. It’s actually pretty easy. As I mentioned above, I’ve captured weddings all across the country and around the world. And I want to do more! And sure, I could advertise in certain publications, print and digital. Or I could have some fun. I’m going for fun… SOOOO…. (this is really where you need to start paying attention) I’m going to give $1,000.00 to the three individuals that refer the furthest away weddings for the 2015 season. Unfortunately, not $1000.00 each, I mean, I’m not stupid ya know… haha

So the way it’s going to work is this…

  • First, the wedding has to be more than 237 miles from the zip code 06022 (that’s roughly at least 4 hours away or more)
  • Second, You refer a couple to me, TAB Photographic – no matter where they are in the country, world or universe.
  • This starts now, like right now, and will run till March 1st 2015 (that sounds like a really REALLLY long ways off, but it’s actually just like, 6 months)
  • The individual that refers the couple furthest away will receive $500.00 (CASH) after I shoot their wedding.
  • The second furthest away, $300.00
  • And the 3rd furthest away, $200.00
  • (and if you’re the only one that refers a wedding outside of that radius, all the cash is yours. Boom!!!)


That all being said, if you have a lot of friends, you could in deed grab all three spots. Now, what if you, YES YOU, are 1 part of a couple looking for a wedding photographer that’s further away than that 237 mile radius, well, you will qualify for some other awesomeness too. Like saving some serious $$ from your photography option. So that also means, that if you refer someone I’ll not only take care of them, but you as well. You just need to make sure they tell me you sent them. Or let me know when you’re sending someone my way. Or if you want to make it easier, I’ll send you some cards to keep on hand in case you know or hear of someone getting married.
So yea, it sounds crazy. And well… Maybe it won’t work like I see. Or maybe you have a question or two about it. (in which case just ask it below in the comment section. And let’s make it happen so I can hand some cash over, capture some awesome weddings and have 2015 rock more than it already will….

You in???

And if you want to just talk about your wedding right now, you can Click here to get in touch.

I think that pretty much sums this post up… Enjoy!!!

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