It’s like sneaking sally thru the alley…..

Odd title, right??? “Sneaking sally thru the alley”. I guess that’s because I feel as though this year has been sneaking up on me. Not in a bad way, not a bad way at all. Instead a great way. A way that has brought me in new directions, mentally, physically and most importantly (at least for my couples), my work. Shooting “professionally” now for 8 years and I feel like my style just took a shift and quite honestly, I’m enjoying this shift. I’m not sure where it came from or why but it showed up. You know, Glen Hansard is a FREAKIN’ AWESOME musician and while in an interview one time he said something along the lines of “a singer doesn’t get his or her voice till they’ve been singing for 7 to eight years, then they come into their own.” Maybe that’s it for me too, maybe I have finally come into my own. Creating my craft, heck, maybe I could go as far as saying mastering my craft? All I know is that things have changed and I like it. So with my changing work, my site should change to. And that’s what this is. That’s where I’m going now. A new site….

So, this is where it all begins. I was going to take some old posts and carry them over, and who knows, maybe I still will. But instead I think I will just start new. Let the new me carry the site thru and in turn, carry you along with me.

I guess all there is to say now is…. “It’s go time!” Let’s do this, let’s keep moving forward, each and every one of us, and let’s make some awesome happen for ourselves because you deserve awesome just as much as anyone else.

Shine on,

P.S. I use the word awesome too much but I don’t really care. haha

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