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TylerAndShanaWedding_0628So wedding season is upon us. Well, at least it’s beginning…. And one thing I SOOOO love with each and every wedding is when we have time to create images that are all yours. When we can slow our roll and put the best possible energy and love into the best possible, and unique to your day, photography… Here’s the thing, no matter what, we will make sure your photos are spot on. You’ll get photos that you’ll love, photos that will tell the story of your day and photos you will love sharing with pretty much, anyone who will slow down to look at them…. But, BUT, what if we could make the time to create photos that will stop anyone who sees them instead of just slowing them down. What if we can make photos happen that will be all yours, photos that are more your own personal pieces of art work. That you may indeed just want to frame and hang on the wall in a 24″X30″ size. And not so you just have a big photo of your wedding on your walls. More so you have a photo on the walls that can pull the eyes of guests in who may not even know it’s you at first??? If you’re in, read on. If you just want to make sure your photos are awesome and the day cruises by super quick like… Close this window and go back to work. :)….

instaTAA_7878So… Did you leave or do I still have ya’???

Okay, assuming you’re still here, and well, hopefully you’re a piece of or both parts of a TAB Photographic couple (and if you’re not, no matter where in the country or even world you are, we can work to make some awesome happen, just reach out using the contact button…)… Anyway, as I was saying, assuming you’re still here, if you want to really make images that will be all your own, if a part of your day would be better spent with a handful of unique quality photos over quantity then it’s time we talk about timing. ( there’s another post I recently wrote about tips for your day here as well ) Timing is, with out a doubt, one of the most important pieces of your day. And no matter what, we will work to make sure the day goes seamlessly between all of the professionals you bring into your day. That we will do our best with no matter what….

LauraAndIanWeddingPhotos_0477Here’s what I’m asking though, can we steal 30 minutes of your day to create stunning unique images? Images that convey love but will stay fresh? Images that will be all yours??? Maybe it will be tough to do with both of you together because a first look isn’t an option you want to work into your day. If that’s the case, it’s fine. But can we have 30 minutes of time for bridal portraits alone??? Ya see, here’s the thing, because I don’t work off those “normal” set timeframes that most photographers do, this won’t cost you more, it won’t steal away from another piece of your day. What this will also do, is give some quiet time where we can slow down for the first time all day… Where we can work to create a handful of photos that will be a million percent…. Special to your day…….

Okay, I’m going to be honest here, this post is me being totally selfish. haha… I just want to create, and I want to create images that are all yours. It’s really that simple. And with a wedding day where this time is slotted in, we will still create, the photos will still be all yours, but just imagine what could be possible if we could slow down, even just for 20-30 minutes?????? Let’s chat about making some awesome… You in?????

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