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blog3Why is it… That so many people in this world, even more so here in the U.S., want to go on vacation and to travel to get away from “something”… I’ll be totally honest here. That’s the most completely wrong way to travel. To get away…. BUT… It’s not easy for us to go for the right reasons. To travel, to explore and to go on adventures to find things. To see things and to feel things. To smell things and to taste things…

blog6I guess the real question is simple to ask yet not simple to find an answer to.  How are we able to let go of what we want to run from, in order to discover what we should be running to? And well, you, YES YOU are the only one that can answer that question. The hardest part though, is realizing that you need to ask yourself that question in the first place. When you have the ability to stop running from, but instead run to.

Recently, I began a new project, capturing the entire US coast of the Atlantic Ocean. From there, maybe I will wrap my way around the country. But starting here is home. To discover what the shoreline changes from and morphs into from Northern Maine to the Florida Keys. While I have already begun this project, this is the first post I’m sharing. And well, I guess the reality for what is shared are only pieces and parts. Because the best shots, my favorites. The ones with that dramatic sky, the perfect light, the most serene and or secret of locations are being kept under wraps until they are released in only the most grand of ways.

blog7These teasing images are from a recent adventure into Maine. Where the wind blows cold and the waves bring full trees of drift wood ashore. In Acadia, the rocks. The waves. The smell of pine. The cracked shoreline. The rocks broken so deep, yet solid. The waves sneak up on those rocks and the shoreline of cliffs and pine. Then exploding. Hit after hit, yet the shoreline standing strong. The cliffs below, the cliffs able. The old pines, reminding me of old men, standing guard over some of the most pristine lands on the east coast. The most beautiful, the most serene with some of the oldest stories of any shoreline……




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