So the coming fun is……. And this will be great!

IMG_0569So there’s this “thing” that’s about to go down. It’s still under wraps. But it’s going to go down and it’ going to be awesome. This new space, well, this old space. However it’s going to be a new space. Walls being painted, floors being refinished, offices being built. Brick walls that have so many stories and so much age to them. Windows allowing in such a soft natural light that’s inviting. And a door way that will be put together facing directly up Main St. in Collinsville. So yea. It’s going to be awesome…..

IMG_0566IMG_0573Things like this green beam being stripped down and turned into a rustic beam. Sure, I’ll probably end up with lead poisoning but it will be worth it. The stories and distress found in these beams is magical. With stripping, I’m allowing them to dictate where they want to show their bareness and other places where they want to hold onto their covering. But they’re freakin’ awesome!!!!

What will be going down here? Well, there will surely be some seasonal parties and get togethers. Some photographer meetings and get togethers. Some gallery and studio openings… All in all, it’s going to be fun and a new piece of TAB Photographic.

So, what do you say, should we rock this out? And do you want to be part of it and see what’s going down? Keep your eyes out here and there and come show your faces at the get-togethers, the parties and more. It’s going to be a blast if you do.

What do you think should happen here. If you have thoughts, comment below and you never know. Maybe you’re a musician that wants to have a show. Maybe a poet that wants an open reading. Maybe a night of story telling like The Moth podcasts or Snap Judgement. Maybe you’re an artist and want to have your own private opening??? You tell me.

(and yes, there’s a reason there aren’t real photos here yet. Because it’s still in secret phases!!!)

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