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2014-10-06_0014Back in May of 2010 I was lucky enough to be invited into the lives of Nicolina and Billy and to capture their wedding…. Both awesome individuals with so much love for life and each other as well as  their beloved furry friend Jake. Whom I was also lucky enough to capture photos of.

Well, two months after their wedding Jake was “taken” from them which is never easy. As a matter of fact, losing a furry family member is so incredibly hard. We then get to a point where we invite another furry friend into our lives. And that’s where Porter stepped in. Or should we say ran, collided and rolled into their lives. As Nicolina says “He’s a piece of work”… That’s why we never try to “replace” a furry friend, but instead we invite a new one in… Then, they welcomed in Frank and Emma… Twins. Yes… Twins.



Frank is sweet, caring, strong, smart, independent and wild.” 

“Emma is smart, quirky, loving, independent and makes funny faces all the time.” (Just like her mom)

Nicolina is a lover of life… Real life. From making pickles and jams and all that goodness, to life as it is. And rolling with the moments. “Its important to capture life as it is.  I want all of us to be able to remember and share what our family is and how we are, now, tomorrow and 40 years from now.  Pictures can capture a single moment that is priceless.  I don’t want to miss or forget one moment of my kids.”

So while most of everything posted revolves around weddings, we can say this post does as well because as their wedding photographer, and maybe your wedding photographer, this is perfect for me. How so? Simple, once I am invited into a wedding day, I want to be theirs from that day on. I want to be a couples photographer. Not just on their wedding day. But to truly be THEIR photographer…. For life…

With out dragging this out. I’ll share some of the photos and their video. Feel free to comment below and share your love in the comments area. OH! One more thing, Nicolina’s advice about family sessions. “Watch the weather, dress accordingly. Be comfortable.  Be yourself in the way you dress.  Relax and just let whatever happens , happen.  Especially with young kids, that way you’ll get them being themselves.  Its hard for them to sit still and pose.  No worries, Tim always makes it enjoyable…and he’s the best!”


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