Yes, while we are photographers, we do also have the ability to capture video on your day. That doesn't mean we will take every wedding on in both photo and video, but it does mean the possibility is there. As a matter of fact, if we don't think we are right for the video side, we will connect you with someone who is. However, if we do believe we would be a good fit for what you need, then we will work together to make that a reality for your day.


What you will see below are a few versions of what a couple received from their day, moments and more. Highlights of what we do and how we do it. Either way, with video options working into realistic budgets

The 10 minute highlight from Jordan and Bryan's Wedding day at The Barns of Wesleyan Hills. Another great couple with so many awesome moments! From the father daughter first look to the groom being hoisted into the air by his groomsmen! Just a great day with timing that went on without a hitch and so much more.

This is a little creation leading up the kiss, the love and that moment! Casandra and Julian's Day was awesome!!! The party, the love, these two are who they are all.... the... time....... And it's awesome. They don't put up a front or anyone, not even each other and it's rare and wonderful!!!


The teaser creations are fun pieces that allow a couple to share a little piece of their day or a little more. Such as this 8 minute piece that wraps up the whole day in a shorter time frame. And while we can create a dreamy, cinematic feel as well, Most couples actually like the a little more "real" to their day.

And then you have a full day feature. These are always different and tend to get longer. The reality, not everyone wants to watch 30 minutes of your day. I know I know, how dare they!!! haha For you however, we work on capturing the day and utilizing a few pieces in more of their moment. Such as this one, the ceremony was just so cute and unique. And the couple's love came out in force with their story. So it just fit. For other weddings tho, maybe it's the toasts that deserve more attention. Or the dances. Each wedding is unique and each story should be different.



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