Mentoring – Learning – Sharing

Heading into my 10th year of shooting, the past 3 mainly with weddings, I’m at a place where I want to start giving back. Whether that’s with a solo project I’m working on ( ) or helping other photographers.

Thru the years, when asked, I’ve given as much help or feedback as I possibly can.

That all being said, I’ve decided I will not just help here or there. I will begin mentoring for a handful of photographers every year. That may be phone / Skype meetings an hour at a time, half day or full day hands on intensive one on one’s, or even teaching someone who is just getting into photography the basics.

If weddings are really what you’re hoping to get into, we can even have you come and assist / second shoot and more so you can work side by side and learn even more.

If it’s shooting portraits or landscapes, we can do that too. From off camera lighting tips, tricks and techniques to education and the business side of the photography world.

10 years ago I went from just getting back into photography to keep that huge part of my father with me to photography being my solo and solid career just three years after and since the day I made that leap, I haven’t looked back or had a single regret.

So if you need to learn some basics to some advance techniques to advertising or marketing. Reach out and let’s chat about what you want to accomplish and what I can do to help and together we can make things awesome.

Reach out by clicking here or using the below contact info.

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