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NYC Ct. Wedding PhotographersAs a wedding photographer, when you see a request come in for a location that you know will be awesome, well… You do actually get excited. Or at least I do. And when after chatting we decide on Brooklyn / NYC for the engagement session, you get even more excited. And if you want to see how the engagement session went down, feel free to watch the slideshow below and it will give you a good sense of who these two love birds are and let you meet them.

BUT…. That’s not why we’re here. We’re here because they just had their awesomely spectacular wedding. A beautiful day in a beautiful city with all their closest friends and family. Which was one of Helen’s favorite pieces of the day. Her friends and family… “One of my favorite parts. Seeing all of our family and friends together in one room and knowing that they had traveled from all over the country to be with us on our wedding day.” You know that when one of a brides favorite parts to her wedding day is seeing all of her friends and family members, she’s got a heart of gold. 2014-08-31_0053

The weather on their weekend was spectacular, actually other than one weekend this summer we’ve had pretty stellar weddings across the board.

So part of the wonderfulness of a wedding day, as I stated above, is the location. I don’t recall who said it or why. Maybe it was opening a restaurant or a storefront? I don’t know. But all I hear in my head right now is “Location – Location – Location…” And that rings true for weddings as well. From photos, to guests being able to get around. 2014-08-31_0046Obviously your photos will tell the story of your day no matter what, but when you want photos that will truly stand apart, it’s a two part story. First is opening up enough time in your day for photos, next it’s “location location location…” And for Helen and Craig, they were spot on with what they decided. As a matter of fact, they were pretty much spot on with all of their planning for the day. Simply saying. “Our day went Perfectly, I wouldn’t have changed anything that we planned” and when asked if they would change anything, her reply was one word….. “Nothing”

All in all, as Helen says It’s a lot of work, but having it all come together in the end makes it all worth it. All the guests had an incredible time, and most importantly, we did! Another word of advice is plan an after party for just your closest friends, the reception always goes too quickly and ends fairly early, and you rarely get a chance to relax.” And well. I think she’s right. 

And from me to them, a HUGE THANK YOU to Helen and Craig for inviting TAB Photographic into their day. Feel free to watch their engagement slideshow below and enjoy just a small fraction of their wedding photos below that. And if you have any questions or want to contact me about your wedding or for someone you know, Click here to get in touch….


A Thank you also goes out to:

  • DJ: Party Pro DJ LLC
  • Hair and Make up: Capture Salon, New Haven, CT
  • Florist: Peter’s Wholesale Florist
  • Venue: Union League Cafe, New Haven, CT
  • Church: Church of Saint Mary, New Haven, C
  • Dress: Michelle Roth
  • Rings: Diamond district in manhattan
  • Shoes: badgley mischka
  • Honey Moon Location: Lake Como and Rome, Italy
  • Any other special pieces or vendors or creators to your day? My crafty best friend and bridesmaid, Jessica, made Craig and I a personalized card box to display at our reception. We had our afterparty at Karaoke Heroes in New Haven, CT. Literally two blocks away from our reception



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