The Barns At Wesleyan Hills Wedding

Are you having a wedding with the barns at Wesleyan Hills? Looking back on the year, there are a few venues we happened to be at more times than others this past year in 2018. Here are TAB Photographic.

With this, we have also decided that we are going to be brutally honest and share not just the photos but our thoughts about each venue. From the insiders, we’ve been there many times, direction. With that…. Here we are.

Barns at Wesleyan Hills Wedding photos

So The Barns

The Barns is truly a great place. If we were to review the barns at Wesleyan hills, out of 10 stars, we say it’s about 8.6. That’s pretty good right? Really, the property is on point, the staff and food is always awesome. Across the board. It’s a great venue.

The truth of The Barns

If there was one thing we could reach for to find something that can be a damper on things, it’s the ceremony options. If for some reason it’s pouring out, your ceremony will be inside. Not that awful of a thing.

It’s just, well, it’s not under the trees outside. For us, we wouldn’t choose this venue for a winter wedding because of that. The inside space is a tad limited if it’s too cold our nasty weather. With all that being said, chance of rain isn’t really that high and if you choose to have a winter wedding, you already know what you’re getting into. You are also saving money so that’s pretty awesome. Ceremony thoughts aside, the Barns is great.

From the 2018 season, one of the favorite “set ups” was the long farm style table in front of the large windows. It just fits the venue so wonderfully and gives the whole room a fresh look.

Wedding photos from the barns at Wesleyan hills

Now, the string lights on the back wall, so much fun to play with in photos. The staff, the staff is one full of smiles and laughs and they keep things flowing perfectly. As a matter fact, thru the last 12 years of capturing weddings, I don’t recall a single time where I thought “that was sort of dicky” from any staff member.

The Food At The Barns at Wesleyan Hills

Food at the barns, again, just as the staff is. The food is on point! From the first nibbles to the last surprise, which at times is the donut wall. The food is delicious and totally worth it. Not to mention, the staff, yes again the staff, makes sure the food comes out on time and served warm. It sounds crazy, but this isn’t the case with every wedding venue.

The Grounds at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills

Last but not least on what we will touch on. The grounds. This property has so many awesome shots available. From the willows hanging low over the pond, to the tall grasses, the little bridge and of course, the tunnel. The sun set’s over the parking lot but there are a couple places you can escape to which will make it all about the couple and the sky in the background. There’s actually nothing I can say that I don’t like about the grounds. Maybe if they were 5 times larger. That’s just me being a selfish photographer though. hahaha.

Anyway, what we will say, is that if you’re thinking about The Barns or already have it scheduled. Roll with it, the venue is great across the board. You will definitely be happy that The Barns was your choice!

And here, here are some photos from this years Barn’s Weddings.

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