New England Shabby Chic Backyard Wedding Time!!! By TAB Photographic




2015-03-17_0004So this winter thing is DRAGGGGIIINNNNGGGG on here in New England. Our wedding season is beginning and normally, by now we have tulips poking their heads up thru the ground, the grass beginning to come back to life. The sun warming up the afternoons. But this year….. Oh gosh. This year we have NONE of that. We’re still fighting this cold air that DOES NOT seem to want to let it’s grasp of us go…. So this is my attempt to combat winters strong hold. I will do that by simply sharing one of, if not THE most beautiful backyard wedding I have ever been invited into. 2015-03-17_0009This wedding is one that I featured on my old site but never made it’s way here so why not share. We can bring back the memories of warmer days, fuller trees, brighter sunsets and so much more…

And this wedding, gosh, talk about the details and the moments. It was full of so many. The day for Toby and Fran was NOTHING short of spectacular!!!!

The family, the friends, everyone having a great time. And thru all the beauty, no one even ended up in the water. (I was actually surprised by this fact. Looking back, I can still remember each chandelier hanging, each candle lit, the taste of s’mores and how beautiful their first dance was with the sun slowly dropping behind the hills on the other side of the lake.

I will say this, for any couple wanting a back yard wedding, a barn wedding or the likes. Talk to these two because they knew how to pull it all together with beauty and grace….

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