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Lord Thompson Manor Wedding PhotosSo this one time, well, this past weekend to be exact, there was a wedding at what I believe is one of the very best venues in the state. The Lord Thompson Manor. It’s a place where the staff is so great, every single piece of the property is always… Well??? It’s just always perfect. Gosh. And the food… Gosh. I’ll be totally honest, it’s one of the few venues I will actually eat at. All I’m saying is that Lord Thompson Manor and any couple who is lucky enough to have their wedding day there, they made the right choice.

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding PhotosSpeaking of couples, enter Rachel and Steve. Rachel and Steve are one of those couples. One of the ones that some could be jealous of. They’ve been together since pre-school where they first kissed. haha. Okay, maybe it was actually high school when they started talking. I knew from the engagement session that they loved each other. What I learned on their wedding day was that they are even more than that. They know each other’s thoughts. I’m not kidding. They seriously do. On more than one occasion on their wedding day, one or the other would know what the other needed or was thinking. And to top that, they had each others backs with those thoughts. They know what’s important, and it’s the love, and their family. While it may have rained on their day, and I mean…. It rained. It didn’t let up. Like ever. And while it did carry some sad thoughts with it, the reality is that for these guys, it didn’t matter. It wasn’t about the rain, or the weather at all. It was about their perfectly choreographed day. It was about their intimate wedding with only those that are closest to them. And it was… About…. Their love………..

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding PhotosThe moment where all Rachel’s girls got to see her for the first time in her gown… And I can recall the moments when they read each other their vows after that other moment where Rachel and Steve saw each other for the first time. No one else there, just the two of them reading their words, their thoughts and their love. They would repeat them at their ceremony, but the things is, in this moment. When it’s just the two of them. The tears rolled from their eyes, Rachel twisting her hair as Steve shared those words that are just theirs. So many moments from their day. Every moment from their day. All the freakin’ moments – right to the party where the dance floor was filled… It was their day and they started their next chapter that was 10 years in the making…. So with all that and so much more.

Cheers to their love and hey, Rachel & Steve. Thank you so much for inviting TAB into your day!!!!




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Lord Thompson Wedding Photos

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