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LauraJaredWedding_0202So here we have it, the wedding day for Laura and Jared… I’m not going to get long winded here because I think their photos and little teaser tell the story better than I ever could. BUT…. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to share just a few thoughts. haha…

2016-06-07_0007Their day, well, had quite the hiccup when they got a call from their original venue saying “you can’t have your wedding here”…. I think that may have been a blessing in disguise though, because the Dolce Center in Norwalk was pretty great. “About 9 weeks before the wedding (and the day my invitations went out) my original venue closed unexpectedly. It was stressful but we were very happy to find Dolce Norwalk so quickly. The hardest part was communicating the change to all the vendors and guests. Thankfully it all worked out for the best. Otherwise, I loved planning my wedding. I kept my priorities in check and planned the day focused on hosting a great party. “ Even though it rained for part of the day, and then some more of the day, it all went off with out a hitch. Well, that’s a lie, because these two got hitched here… (Yea, I just got that lame with a joke. haha)….

2016-06-07_0013Anyway, Jared and Laura. A great couple for sure, even though Jared doesn’t love the photo side of things, he worked hard to help create some awesome! Even more so on April Fools Day when he proposed to Laura… Yes! You heard that right, he did it on April Fools Day!!! From what I’ve discover though, that’s very Jared style… haha. “Jared proposed while they were out for a run on Boston’s Charles River Bike Path. On a chilly April 1st run, Jared began what seemed to be a painfully awkward and flippant proposal…and then he yelled ‘April Fools’. Thankfully, before Laura became too upset he dropped to his knee to ask her properly to be his wife and pulled a beautiful diamond engagement ring out of his sweaty running pants.”

Dolce Conference Center Norwalk Ct. Wedding for Laura and Jared by Conn. wedding photographers TAB Photographic www.tabphotographic.comSo Laura, of course, accepted the sweaty pantsed proposal and was ready for that next chapter in their lives… And their day, just flowed with greatness. From the most important pieces “The ceremony was the most important part of the day. We were so happy to have our friend, Chris Kaiser, officiate our wedding to add a personal touch. I loved the moment when our nephews, Ben and Liam, brought up the wedding bands and Jared had switched out the band I purchased for him for a wild scull and crossbones ring that he purchased on a trip. It was definitely unexpected but I loved that Jared pulled one of his notorious pranks during the ce, remony. Second best moment – I insisted that immediately after our first dance the DJ play something uptempo to set the tone of the party. I told several friends to be ready to rush the dance floor when it started and all my guests followed them. We played 1999 by Prince and it was amazing.” To the advice she can now share after being a beautiful bride on her wedding day “Decide on what is most important to you and focus on those things. For me, the most important thing was that Jared and I got married that day, the second most important thing was that I threw a great party. I wanted to host an event that my guests would enjoy and really reflected our personalities. I worked with my vendors to make sure they understood that and took their professional advice seriously. I also surrounded myself with vendors I really liked creating a team to actualize those priorities.”

But really… I think the most important thing Laura says now, is just her state about the day as a whole… “I have never felt more beautiful or had more fun than the day of my wedding. It was more than I could have ever dreamed of.”

So let’s get on with the photos…



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