Kelsey and Matt’s Backyard DIY Wedding



Boston Wedding Photographers Backyard Wedding TAB photographicAs a wedding photographer, I travel far and wide to capture the love, the moments and the excitement of a wedding day. From Oregon to Jamaica, From Florida to New Mexico. And of course, tons of New England weddings. Each wedding unique and wonderful in it’s own ways and styles.

From the moment we jump in the car or step foot onto the plane, the thoughts of “what will this wedding hold for new and exciting moments” begin to roll thru my brain. And for Kelsey and Matt’s wedding, that was no different.

Shabby Chic DIY Backyard wedding photos by TAB photographicTheir wedding in the backyard of Matt’s parents home. And such a great little spot! A nice lake sized pond in the backyard, a wonderful backyard with a “shed” (this was no shed) that would be wonderful in my backyard, to the awesome BBQ dinner that was being put together with an entire pig, chicken, great salads and more. Really, this DIY backyard wedding was nothing short of awesome.

Every detail, from the flowers in her hair, to the candles lit and the signs. Everything….. Perfect. Even the weather!!!

So you’ll look thru the photos below and find some great details and ideas for your own weddings. Especially the unplugged sign!!!

And the other thing you’ll see is plenty of fun from the bridal party photos because their day, their day was on time which allowed for some great fun and creating. And Kelsey and her bridesmaids were all about a “mic drop” photo with their bouquets….. So….. Why not. haha….






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