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When you’re planning a backyard wedding you should gather all the tips you can and find a guide that’s right for your day. Throwing a wedding is like one big party, at the same time though, it’s so much more.

Nicole and Dave planned their backyard wedding on their own property at the house they purchased about a year prior. From purchase date to wedding date, they pretty much rebuilt their house, added a barn, built a patio (which also played dance floor) / fire pit / added a porch and more. But boy did they rock it out!

So what are some guiding points for a backyard wedding such as Nicole and Dave’s. Well, below we will do quick touches on some pros and cons as well as simple things to consider.

Before we get into all that – photos of Dave and Nicole’s Backyard Wedding in CT.

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Tips, Pros & Cons of a backyard wedding

If you enjoy being outdoors, a backyard wedding may be great for you. And the DIY aspect of being able to create the day around your true selves, that’s even better!

There are so many benefits to a backyard wedding, including cost and convenience. Along with the benefits come a few extra pieces of the planning day that you need to keep in mind. Below we touch on some quick pieces to keep you on track and rolling in the right direction. From rentals to reasons. Here we go with the tips, pros and cons to your DIY backyard wedding.

You can invite your furry friends

Well, I mean, I’m a puppy lover. Who isn’t? Hang on, you do love puppies right??? Well, at a backyard wedding you can have all the puppies you want! Realistically, you can have your dogs with you tho. I know for me, if Blue can run around while the wedding is going on. That would be pretty awesome. You don’t need to pay a pet deposit, you don’t need to deal with the venue saying no and you don’t need to find a dog sitter while you’re off doing your wedding thing.

You will save money

Okay, I can’t really say that’s true. You can however decide where your money is invested. Using your budget for what’s important in your day The reality though, you will probably spend just as much holding your backyard wedding as at a venue. Can you save, you can. From what I have been told though, couples really get to bring their dreams to live and that costs money. So you can save money, but to do so, you need to keep yourselves on a tight budget .

You can choose any date

Really, you can. Any… Date… You… Want… It may sound like a small detail but the reality is, you can have a holiday weekend party (not all guests love this idea). You can have a Saturday wedding, a Sunday wedding. Heck, you could have a Tuesday wedding if you wanted.

You can have your guest list be what ever you want it to be.

This is huge thing! Some venues have minimums. Why? Because they want your money. So your backyard wedding. If you want to invite 50 people. Go for it. If you want to invite 150. Go for it. If you want to invite 1500. DO IT! (your backyard better be huge! haha)

The sentimental factor

You have your home, your parents home. Maybe a lake house. And it’s part of your life. Maybe where you grew up. That means your wedding will have that many more emotions to it. As if your day wasn’t going to be emotional enough. haha. Really though, your first look under that giant oak that you use to swing on. Image that!


Okay, Think about this one. Between lighting and DJ’s and food prep with the caterers and more. There’s always a chance that your home may not have the ability to handle the power needed. If not, plan on a generator but then also plan on how you will keep the generator’s noise from overtaking your wedding.

Your guests need to pee!!! haha

Don’t let that stop you. There are some great portable high end bathrooms now. With heat and air condition! Actually, when an outside wedding is in August. You may have 100 degree day. That air conditioned bathroom may be your best retreating location. haha

Yard Maintenance & Setup

Do you want to make sure everything looks perfect? Plan accordingly. With plan bloom times, when will your gardens look the fullest. What will your lawn need? If you are going to lay sod down, it will need time to root itself. If you are planting flowers. Don’t wait till the week of the wedding. Allow your property to thrive and grow and bring out all of its beauty.


Better safe than sorry right? You don’t want anything to happen. You want the day to go off without a hitch. However, you should be ready just in case. And that couple hundred dollars may seem like a waste but think about the alternative.


Don’t hesitate to run down and check with your town or city to make sure you don’t need special permits. The last thing you want is to book all of your vendors then find out you can’t even have your day where you dreamed of.


You can invite them all or not. Either way, you definitely want to make sure that they are aware of your wedding. Most towns have a noise ordinance that means the music goes off at 10or 11PM. Keep that in mind so even if a neighbor isn’t on board. They can’t be upset unless you break those town / city laws. And when the cops roll in at 11:05. Bring them a beer and talk them into partying. haha. Kidding kidding. (sort of)


Where will that happen? Can everyone park on the street? will they have to walk? Be bussed in???


One of the most important details of the day. You’ll be surprised how much of a mess 100 people can make. The good part, most caterers will bring out trash with them. That’s a huge plus. If not, be prepared to deal with everything left behind. Rent a dumpster or make a dump run. That garbage can start to stink pretty quickly. Then you’ll have bears and raccoons and lions and vultures and zombies all coming to eat from the left overs.

Plan B

Just be ready. If you’re renting a tent. Think about having sides on it and even heaters and or air conditioners. Think about where you will have the ceremony if it rains. Where will caters set up etc???

That’s enough for now

It would be easy to go on. If you want to more info. Reach out and we can discuss your wedding day as a whole. And as much as there are pros and cons. A backyard wedding can be stunning.

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