First look idea with a puppy? On a wedding day?

First look with a puppy on a wedding day? I think yes.

There I was, sitting at Starbucks with no puppy.

The phone rang, it was a groom for a wedding that was coming up in a few weeks. “uh oh!” When a groom calls it’s usually a sneaky plan, a random idea or something is falling apart with the wedding day that needs some putting back together.

Well, this was one “idea” that caught me off guard. “Hi Tim! So I want to run something by you. I am giving Julianna a puppy at the first look!!!” The excitement was obvious, and heck, I was even excited. I mean, wedding + first look + puppy!!! Okay, I am sure some people are thinking, “but the puppy could pee on the dress!” That is totally true, luckily though, that didn’t happen.

Originally, the idea was Ryan would turn around with puppy and Julianna would turn around and they would all see each other! Boom! After more consideration. I actually started to think this wasn’t a good idea. The first look shouldn’t be about the puppy, it should be about the magic of her beauty, and the wedding gown and the moment you see each other on your wedding day. Then puppy!

So, a couple bridal portraits and… First look with a puppy

And then it was time. While I was capturing some quick portraits of Julianna, set up just so this could unfold, Ryan went and “grabbed a lens” I had forgotten. Really, that lens was this puppy! Walking up behind Julianna. And she turned around and boom!!! PUPPY! There were questions “is he mine, is he ours?!?!” “a puppy! really, a puppy! On the wedding day!?!?” “wait, we can keep him?!?!” It was sort of a surreal moment. Especially since the timing of the day got thrown off and we were off schedule. This though, this was one thing that had to happen. PUPPY!!!!

Anyway, to all you grooms out there, you’re going to have a hard time one upping Ryan and this first look. Like, how do you beat a puppy??? Or maybe this will be a new thing? Donut walls and puppies at first looks? hahaha…

For now, a couple photos of how it all unfolded. 🙂

Bride groom first look with a puppy
TAB Photographic Puppy Wedding First look
TAB Photographic Contact

Wedding venue: Saint Clements Castle

DJ: Todd from Power Station Events

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