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2018-03-21_0008Saint Patricks Day! First full wedding of the season day!!! Allison and Jim’s Day!!!!!

The weather, crisp, the sun high and the temps cool. We will all take the cool temps over the nor’easters that have been attacking us every week. The girls, excited, music pumping, hair being did and makeup made up…. The guys, quiet, chill and relaxed. Jim’s main concern, making sure everything is perfect for Allison. He’s not even married yet and he’s on the right track. haha.

2018-03-21_0016The details, wedding ceremony in New Haven at St. Mary’s Church which happens to be right on Yale’s Campus. The reception to follow at Woodwinds in Branford. And this post? A quick highlight of their day. Not necessarily my favorite photos as I haven’t made it thru them all yet (though maybe a couple?), more so, a bunch of shots grabbed so I could lift up the spirits of these two on this snow stormy day. (though, as Allison’s a teacher, something tells me her afternoon off will bring happiness and enjoyment for the extra time off. Not to mention, they just got married, something tells me their spirits are still riding high!!!)… Anyway.. Back to the day. It was awesome to see all the detail Allison put into the day, and she didn’t just mimic all the other weddings around. The cute little brass whale with blue matches and ribbon to match her day, the custom printed water bottles. The tulips and the vases all around. The monogrammed ribbon on her awesome bouquet. OH!!! The blue plaid shoes she chose! SO GREAT. And Jim’s suit, an awesome deep dark navy to match.

Allison definitely scores an A+ for making the wedding her own and being super chill and just wanting to have fun!!!

2018-03-21_0010Things rolled pretty smoothly, things were on time, things were pretty. And one of my favorite images of the day was right there, arriving at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven…. Running out to check on Allison, the first time I could sense any nerves coming from her. The window rolled down as she looked up at the church. I could sense some of what she was feeling but man, I wish I could have been in her mind at that moment. (she was probably just thinking “TIM! It’s cold out, I wanna roll up my window and just get married. Leave me alone!!!” hahaha… kidding kidding. I’m sure she wasn’t thinking that. Or was she???) Anyway, I think the only thing I would have changed would be a little more time with the two of them on Yale’s campus, though with light fading, time slipping away and a cocktail party to get to, we had to roll! 12.8 minutes later and we find ourselves at Woodwinds. Drinks to be drunk and eats to be eaten. These two newly married love birds were riding the high. Laughing, smiling, dancing and living.

If you don’t know Woodwinds, it’s a nice little venue hiding in Branford CT. The food is always tasty and the staff some of the nicest. They run a tight ship but revolve everything around the bride, as it should be. haha.

All in all, with the attention to detail that Allison put into the day, the loving spirits of these two and the awesome family and friends. The day…. It was a perfect one!!!!


A quick 1 minute taste of the day…


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