Wickham Park Engagement Session For Elizabeth & Andrew by TAB Photographic

Wickham park Engagement Session by TAB PhotographicThere’s a moment for some guys out there that it hits them. “She’s the one”… As Andrew describes it, From the moment I saw her I knew she was a woman I had to get to know and each day with her makes me more assure of that desire.” That seems like a great way to put it, a confirming answer and when the moment came to propose, “I actually wasn’t nervous at all about asking her since we had talked about the idea before hand.  The part that got me nervous was making a tasty dinner and a gorgeous bouquet of origami flowers with which to propose.”  Sounds like a solid plan and a private moment that they will always have for each other and each other alone…

So fast forward, and that’s where I guess I, as their wedding photographer come in. So it’s engagement session time and when I heard that Elizabeth and Andrew wanted to rock out their engagement session at Wickham Park in Manchester, how could I say no. I mean, it’s a park that has so much greatness. From the gardens, to the fields, to the skyline view. It even has a disc gold course, that being said, watch out for incoming discs while shooting!!! haha.

2014-08-31_0016For Elizabeth and Andrew, I don’t think it was hard for them to choose the location. At times I help advise on location but with their wedding booked at my favorite park in the state, Harkness Memorial Park and Eolia Mansion, they obviously love the garden look and feel and have a good taste for images. In their own words on the location choice… We knew we wanted to do someplace outdoors and we had fallen in love with Wickham Park when we were looking for our wedding venue. It ended up being our second choice (Harkness won out). This seemed the perfect way to still enjoy all the great things about the park.”  

Other than location, of course there’s the prepping time with friends taking on makeup and hair for Elizabeth and from there, much as all my other couples do, Elizabeth and Andrew took my tips for the best engagement session (which can be found here) to heart and stepped up to make it awesome. Elizabeth went with a simple, elegant and beautiful dress that contrasted the landscape wonderfully! “I picked out a dress that I wanted to wear that had been unworn in my closet for over a year now and this seemed like the perfect occasion to use it.” Of course when it comes to guys, it’s always a bit more of a “challenge.” (not for all guys, but most)… So Elzabeth took on the challenge trying to coordinate an outfit but Andrew got a little frustrated and in a slight emergency of a situation Elizabeth took charge “I took him shopping and we picked out the black and red shirt that he used in the pictures. This of course snowballed into buying new pants and shoes as well so he was definitely a bit tortured.” And I’m glad it went down like it did because they took on the challenge and did a stellar job.

Anyways…. The shoot, I won’t lie….. I could sense they were a tad nervous at first. Though they won’t admit it, I think there was a little nervousness hiding in there. All in all though, for them, once things are planned they seem to just roll with it and know that all will be well. And I think all was quite well for their session too. All I can really say is that their session went smoothly, filled with laughs, smiles and kisses. (all kisses between them, I leave that to the couples. I mean… That would just awkward… haha)… It’s nice when it just flows and rolls along and feels like it was only 5 minutes long…. For now, enjoy a few of their photos and get ready for what will be a beautiful wedding day at Eolia Mansion at Harkness Park…





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