Topsmead Engagement Session for Phil and Evanica – Litchfield, Ct.

“who would know beautiful spots better than a photo demi-god?”  (Their words not mine…. haha)


Topsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosI mean… You get pulled up onto the dance floor by your platonic date at your sisters wedding and the one who pulls you up says “I Love You…” Seriously, does it get any better than that? Because that’s how it happened for Phil… However, that all started long ago when they were in high school together and Phil was always trying to put the moves on Evanica but she played it cool. And now, this time… It’s their day. Their Love. Their wedding….

Topsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosSpeaking of their wedding day, it’s getting close things are falling into place and Evanica is playing that cool too, nerves??? “Nervous about the day? Not really. We know that there will be struggles and things that go wrong, but overall we are excited for our day of celebration; having a whole day that’s about us and our love for each other. Nervous about everything leading up to the day? Absolutely. Stress, organization, budgeting, bills, invitations, blah blah blah. The first 9 months of our engagement was cake, no pun intended, but the next 5 months are shaping up to be a pita.” I’m sure their day will be awesome because these two, they love each other with out a doubt! And you can see it when Phil’s eyes light up as he glances back as Evanica….

When it came to their engagement session, they surely have some thoughts. Pre session thoughts, well, actually pre-second session session thoughts… “We weren’t too sure about where we wanted to have the session. We had previously been out for a session with Tim but the weather turned out not to be in our favor (fun stuff like strong gusts and frigid temperatures) so we snapped a few shots for our save the dates but knew we would have to schedule another session when things were more temperate. Consequently our big trepidation was location. We had shot our save the date pics at Chaffinch Island State Park in Guilford, a lovely little spot, but I pushed hard to find a different location. She loves the water and we got some pictures there; I love land a bit more so I was looking for a picturesque wooded arena. We agreed to have Tim decide on a spot because well, who would know beautiful spots better than a photo demi-god? We had never been to Topsmead so we had some reticent feelings, but once we got to the location we were very happy with his decision, it was beautiful.”

Topsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosAnd then post session thoughts, one thing that I love about what they share is that it made them “feel” more. It brought them closer to their day and their togetherness…. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. “We were very pleased with the location, and while we dont exactly have a photographer’s eye, we were confident that the pictures would come out excellent. Topsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosWe also had a little chat in the car ride home about how quick and easy taking pictures with Tim was. He allowed us to be ourselves and, while we laughed on the ride home at how unnatural it was to kiss on command and we sometimes weren’t doing natural kisses (no tongues for the pictures), the feeling of just being there for an engagement session knowing our wedding was coming up soon and being with each other and having Tim capture our love… it really felt special and amplified our feelings for each other.”

Anyway… If they have anything they want to share for future engagement sessions:

Hers: “wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking around on different types of earth finding a good spot for a pic. Also wear clothes that make you feel good; nothing that would make you feel self conscious or need to keep adjusting, be yourself because you want your pictures to represent you.”

His: “do, say, think, act, and feel whatever she and Tim want.”

Let’s just get onto some of the shots from their day… K…


Topsmead Park Engagement Sessions Photos

Topsmead Park Engagement Sessions Photos

Topsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosTopsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosTopsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosTopsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosTopsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosTopsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosTopsmead Park Engagement Sessions PhotosTopsmead Park Engagement Sessions Photos


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