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The Harkness Park Engagement Session for Meagan and Waleed by TAB Photographic

As the wedding season slows down a bit, it’s time to get my site rolling with all the awesome love that I’ve been lucky enough to be invited into. The moments, the laughter, the kisses the hugs… The tears the and the touches and everything in between…

This Harkness Park Engagement Session was nothing shy of awesome for Meagan and Waleed. The weather was spectacular and their connect was so full of this incredibly soft love… And their wedding day… I CAN NOT WAIT! But… Well…. I’m going to have to because it’s many months away. haha. For now, enjoy their photos.


Harkness Park Engagement Session

With shots like the above, the sun coming thru the most awesome trees hidden away at Harkness. And with the off camera lighting, these new profoto lights that are fantastic, we nailed so many great shots…

Harkness Park Engagement Session by TAB Photographic

But the real shots come from their love. From these moments and these kiss…

Harkness Park Engagement Session by TAB Photographic

And more than the kisses and the shots, it was their connection, their endless laughter and the energy that these two pull from the other. Wonderful across the board for sure!!!

Harkness Park Engagement Session by TAB Photographic



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