The Collinsville, Ct. Engagement Session for Shelley and Rick’s soon to be Fox Hill Inn Wedding

What happens when you have this guy who’s a Dallas Cowboys fan and this girl who is a die hard New York Giants fan??? Well, other than a household that can get pretty loud and rowdy during certain NFL games, you also get love that is meant to be. And that just happens to be the love that Shelley and Rick share.

Fox Hill Inn TAB Photographic Wedding Photographers

Fox Hill Inn TAB Photographic Wedding Photographers www.tabphotographic.comWhile they do have different teams that they follow and bet thousands on (Okay, I may have made the betting part up), they share so many great pieces of life that come together perfectly. Even though they do both stay silent as they drive by the local Newtown ice cream shop. Rick staring as they drive by and Shelley wishing he would just freakin’ stop already. Right down to the mint chocolate chip which the both love and call their fav…

The thing is, life brought these two together in a special way. A way that built a bond that only the two of them truly know and understand. Through this bond and friendship they grew closer.And believe it or not, they grew closer playing Super Mario Brothers, realizing that they would rather be playing with their little Italian plumber friends than going out to bars. Take all that, put it together and you get what is this crazy awesome love. Rick, super laid back, Shelley, well… Not so laid back. It’s really a perfect compliment though. And while we were wondering around Collinsville, it became apparent at just how great their love does indeed, compliment itself.

Fox Hill Inn TAB Photographic Wedding Photographers www.tabphotographic.comThe two, the constant glances back and forth, the understanding that they both have for each other and this connection that has come into their lives together. Laughing at each other, with each other and just having a good time as a whole. And now I can’t wait for their wedding, a day at Fox Hill Inn that will be surrounded by family. Friends, And so much incredible love for them to absorb and enjoy. And then…. Then they get to spend that honeymoon time together, feeling all the things in this universe that brought them together and brought them to this new forever…..

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