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French Bull Dog Engagement Session Tips Mystic Ct. What do you get when you take two individuals whom have known each other for more than half their life? When you take a young girl who wanted to be a hair dresser and a boy who wanted to be a pet store owner? And now, two adults that like to watch scary shows on Sunday nights naked… Oh wait, maybe it was that they enjoy watching naked and afraid? Well, anyway….. When you combine all those things, you get these two… Denise and Michael, Michael and Denise…

Beautiful Engagement Session Tips TAB PhotographicThey’re pretty awesome really. They crack up, yet stay serious. He’ll eat flowers off a tree if she joking asks him to. And she’ll laugh by his side the entire time. And that, right there is. Key… They laugh with each other. While they don’t fully agree on exactly how they met, it goes something like meeting in high school. And to be exact, or at least as exact as two stories that don’t full line up can go… “Weirdly enough, we both have different versions of exactly when and where we met, but it was undoubtedly during high school. We had a mutual friend and started hanging out in the same group. We have been friends for a long time and stayed in touch throughout high school, college and beyond, but did not start dating until much later. In 2010 we both happened to be single at the same time and I guess the rest is history.” And history it is, because now, in the near future, we have their wedding day.

French Bull Dog Portrait TAB Photographic Muddy Paw StudiosThis post though, this was our fun engagement session enjoying some of Mystic. Which also happens to be where their wedding will be going down. Seriously, it will be a great one! And Mystic seems to be the place this year as I have a solid handful of awesomeness going down there this year. Even one this coming Saturday at the Mystic Arts Center!

Anyway… Back to these two. This guy Mike you is Denise’s Romeo… Making it clear how he felt for her with all his heart and stepped up to make sure she knew when he asked her to become his wife. “We went for a hike with Zoey at a place we have frequented since high school. While I was coaxing Zoey across a small stream Mike got down on one knee. He said my name and I turned around to find him on bended knee with my engagement ring. He asked if I would marry him. I was totally shocked but it only took me a moment to excitedly answer yes.” Did you catch that? She said YES!!! Well, obviously or I probably wouldn’t be here writing about it. haha. But never the less, she said yes. And now They will continue on with that love and their coming wedding.

Till then, and every day beyond, they will continue to love and grow with each other knowing that both their moms are shining down on them, proud to see the husband and wife that they are meant to be.

And while you’re here, feel free to share some love for these two in the comments area below!!!

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