Mary Rose & Kyle – The engagement session….

2017-04-26_0001“Not nearly as awkward as we had expected”…. That’s really all I could hope for. Okay, maybe not all I could hope for but really, I just want all of our moments as client / photographer to be fun and relaxing. So skipping out on the awkward is all good. I mean, I may say things a tad awkward, I may be a tad more awkward, but as long as the session isn’t….. It’s all good.

The engagement session was our first time meeting, which isn’t actually out of the norm. We met at the studio and ventured out locally as the green hadn’t started popping quite yet. I could sense that this was something new to them, as it should be, so we strolled… Laughed. The lighting was nice. It was a “soft” day with an overcast sky. Actually, I think about 3 minutes after we departed the rains came. So timing couldn’t have been better.

2017-04-26_0003When asked about their thoughts before the session, they were straight up with me… “We were a bit nervous, and did not know what to expect. We were excited about doing the session in Collinsville, though, since neither of us had been there before. It was a fun mini-adventure.” And they must get me, because yes, an adventure!!!! Lately that’s pretty much my goal. Taking everything as an adventure. Even when I’m shooting, it’s an adventure for me too! Each of our TAB couples, each location, each shoot, a new fresh and fun adventure!!!

From here, while Mary Rose is a tad nervous about the logistics of their day, they’re also VERY excited to be holding their days festivities at Choate Rosemary Hall. Hang on, HOW DID I JUST PICK UP ON THIS Mary Rose is getting married at Rosemary hall… <— See what I mean about being awkward with my thoughts and what I say. No filter no holding back. haha… Anyway, she’s got nothing to be nervous about. Families coming together and an awesome day ahead!!!!

In departing from this post, if Mary Rose and Kyle could share one thing, they nailed this on the head too. “I would recommend trying to have as much fun with it as possible, and try to be really present in the moment. We were sort of looking at the engagements session as practice for the wedding day, and since the amount of time taking photos on one of the biggest days of your life is not insignificant, it would be a shame not to have fun with it.”

Anyway… Thanks for reading, leave some love for them in the comments but either way. Enjoy your day!!! You deserve it!





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