Kennebunkport Maine Engagement Session for Sage and Will by TAB Photographic


Engagement Session“Road trippin’…….. To Kennebunkport Maine for what is surely going to be an awesome engagement session!!!” Right? Of course!!! For these two, nothing less than spectacular. Arriving in Kennebunkport earlier in the day, the weather…. BEAUTIFUL! Mid 70’s with a nice breeze and a warm sun.

And then, we welcome in Will and Sage. Driving from Vt. to Kennebunkport as they’re going to be having their wedding in Maine as well. The Landing at Pine Point in Scarborough will be the place! So excited!!!

Connecting with Sage was awesome. I was wondering why me for their Maine wedding…  Your photos were great, we loved the detail shots on your website and your pricing was great. After meeting you, your personally rocks, and well, it fits our sarcastic family perfectly!” Makes me look even more forward to their day!

2014-08-31_0002When they arrived, I could see some apprehension. Like “here we go, we can do this… I hope”… Right from the start though, they just worked. It was as if they rehearsed it all. Which was funny because they truly were nervous but it didn’t show one bit. We were a little nervous because we are not good at coming up with photo poses we are great at just smiling and standing side by side.. Boring.. But you were fantastic with direction and my nerves went away immediately! Will’s twitching hands were always there but he says he wasn’t nervous… Not sure about that.”

We started on the strip right in down town Kennebunkport and then moved out and around. Primarily shooting but the water. I mean…. That’s what it’s all about right? We didn’t go as far as getting cliche and taking photos in front of the Bush compound though. haha. The session went down pretty smoothly though. From start to finish, and thru all the stopping. Even when I had them climbing out into the water on la2014-08-31_0010rge rocks covered in slime and snails with crabs and jelly fish waiting for them to slip right in. <– slight exaggeration may have just been used…

Really though, I can’t wait for the day and I hope they enjoy everything they bring to each other every day between now and then as well as every day after!!! Because these two, they know what it’s all about.

Anywho, enjoy their photos by clicking on one below and then being able to choose next or back to view more. And keep us, TAB Photographic in mind when you have a wedding coming in the future or know someone who does. Click here to get in touch!

Sage… Will… Thank you again for inviting me into your day!



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