Harkness Memorial Park Engagement Session for Jenn and Brian by TAB Photographic

Harkness Memorial Park Engagement Session

So this engagement session started bright and early in the morning, okay, maybe not for me, and maybe not for Brian. But for Jenn, she totally got a jump on the day. Possibly being just about as prepared and as smart as one can be for their engagement session. Having her hair all done up by Stephanie from Shear Transitions Salon in Enfield, to her good friend Jenny who dolled her up with some great makeup. She totally took my “tips for the best possible engagement session” seriously and to heart. Making sure she was ready to rock it out!

One of her preparations was heading out to find some new clothes for the two of them.  I shopped for my outfits and prepared in my mind what kind of outfits I wanted to wear ahead of time.” I think I robbed her of all her changes though as we did just one outfit change instead of the 9 that she had planned on.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t 9. :p 

If there’s something else I, as the photographer, can add. It’s not to be nervous. Remember why you hired your photographer into your day in the first place. Because you like their work and you trusted them. As Jenn said, I was not nervous. I was more nervous for  Brian because I know he hates taking pictures. I think I was a tad bit nervous of how the pictures would come out versus the actual session itself.”“I’d say after the first couple shots were taken. Tim gave really great instructions and made it fun at the same time. Very stress free!!” And that’s the goal. Fun and stress free. That’s the goal while shooting your wedding too!  

Destination Wedding Photographers Harkness ParkSo it goes to say that this session was a blast and I can not wait for their awesome wedding day that will be unfolding in 2015. Because these two, how can they not have an awesome day with awesome friends.

Looking back, all the laughs, sneaking around as to not end up interfering with the wedding that was taking place that day. The fall like weather. Jenn going into the bushes to change outfits. (I still think there was some hanky panky stuff going on in there but I’ll leave the story for them to tell. It was just a great session across the board and after hearing how much fun they had, it is just another reminder of why I do what I do and how lucky I truly am to be a photographer specializing in weddings and bringing some awesome into my couples lives. 

One thing I’ve start asking couples recently is what they would tell other couples and I can see a pattern growing here but I feel it’s important to share. And for Jenn and Brian it was simple for them to share….

“I would tell couples to not over-think the session. At first, I thought that I needed an array of outfits to choose from, but that is not the case. Pick out something that you would normally wear (maybe a little more dressy) and NEW. Trust your photographer and let them do their job. They actually know what they are doing!! And they will make sure to deliver some amazing shots (like ours did) & HAVE FUN!!! Don’t stress too much otherwise it will show in your pictures. Laugh, be playful, and be yourselves. That’s all there is to it! 🙂 “

Jenn… Brian… I can’t wait to be such an integral part of your day and THANK YOU SO MUCH for inviting me into your lives.



One thing you will see with this video is the fusion we are working with video and photographs. It’s the way of the future and the way of TAB…  Feel free to watch the slideshow, scroll thru the photos and comment below. And hey, you can even Click here to get in touch!


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