From Ryan Montbleau to Wedding Photographer Needs


This one night, my daughter Maya and I went to a concert. A Ryan Montbleau concert to be exact. A great time no doubt, but this one couple behind us, I felt like they were creeping on us. And I was sooo right because I got an e-mail from them the next day about being their photographer for their day…. Okay, sure, they didn’t know I who I was at the time, and when I said they were creeping on us, what I really mean is that we were chatting away as the concert went down and they were awesome. And I guess I should be totally honest, when I got their e-mail, and saw a new follower on my Instagram account (@tabphotographic) and saw that they were at the same concert the night before, I called them out on it and said “HEY! not only were my daughter and I there, we were right in front of you!!!

Anyway… That all really has nothing to do about their awesome engagement session.


The real story starts with the inter webs and well… because that’s how it all began. Something like this –> “Online,, he likes to say I had a few drinks one night and went on a winking bender, I just was tired of meeting the same people through my circle of friends. We then decided to meet for our first date at a brewery. Something about beers made us lighten the mood.” So it shouldn’t be any surprise that some of their favorite beer showed up at the engagement session as well! I mean, why not. Though they didn’t even bring enough for me, so I’m not sure how I feel about all that. (that’s a lie, they totally had a third beer, I just didn’t partake because, well, I don’t know why, I guess because I was stupid. haha)


We shot around the factory right in town, the weather was perfect, the laughs were great and we didn’t get poison ivy, bit by any snakes or attacked by any bobcats… That’s like a win-win-win… (future couples, don’t stress, those things don’t usually happen at all. Liz and Andrew, sorry about the poison ivy… ooops)…. Before hand, their thoughts were a bit lackluster, I mean, now she’s telling me they’re not fond of photos. So I am of course going to take that personally and it now means they’re not fond of me. hahahah  “A little nervous, I am not super fond of photos at times and I feel like posed pictures seem too forced at times, otherwise super excited” but after, well, it’s a good thing the shoot went well. Because the after thoughts of “Dave and I kept talking about how much fun we had and how excited we were to see the photos and to work with you on our wedding day. I think we still talk about how much fun we had – it was like having an old friend take photos of us – nothing felt posed or pressured.” are redeeming. So I guess we can all still be friends and I’ll still shoot their wedding, even if she’s calling me “old”…. haha


Really though, they’re just a fun loving couple who at times bicker like a married couple. Go figure. Their day at the Pond House Cafe will be an awesome one. Courtney fell in love with it and Dave’s a smart guy and agreed… From here, their wedding day vibes are coming with no nerves at all, but now that I have her thinking about it, some nerves… “Not really, I’m super excited about this next grand adventure. Now that I think about it, I am a little nervous to have the spotlight on me and have to play nice with people I may only slightly know. I want to be a gracious host but also have a kick ass time celebrating such a special day – so I’m nervous about balancing it all.”


So with the kick ass time looming, if they have any advice to give to couples about their engagement session, they shared the following.  “Have fun, live in the moment, trust the process and the photographer – be game on for anything, be less worried about having the perfect backdrop than to have your personality shine through- Tim did an awesome job of finding the backdrop (even some unconventional) that made our smiles and happiness shine through. Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel awesome but you aren’t afraid to get a little dirt on”… My take on all that is trust me as your photographer, but also know that there will be moments you’re going to question “what the heck is he doing”… You’re gonna get dirty but most of all, you’re going to have a good time… Sounds about right, yea?

So that’s about it for this one… Time to enjoy the rain and get ready for tomorrows wedding which will be here sooner than I know.





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