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DUMBO – Brooklyn Engagement Session for Lindsey And Sam By TAB Photographic

Brooklyn NYC Engagement There’s this place in NY….. It’s got it all. It’s fun, hip, clean and dirty, new and old, blank yet so full…. And every time I get the chance to shoot there, I jump on it. I’ve probably done 10-13 engagement sessions here. Why? Well…… It’s awesome. There’s great food for pre or post shoot (Grimaldi’s Pizza)… The views are off the hook great. I understand everyone thinks NY and thinks Manhattan. And so many think that’s the place to shoot. Can it be fun, sure. But all the people, all the movement. There’s no where to escape to. Not to mention, if the city means something to you, the best pictures come from, not the city. haha…. Especially with the skyline that falls behind so many shots in Brooklyn. And the street art, and the nooks and crannies, and the park settings, and the architecture. OH! And did I say it’s got two of the most popular bridges in the US. One more than the other.

This place is DUMBO. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. The name coming to be in the 70’s when residents of the area hoped the name would deter building and re-construction…

2014-12-27_0017Anyway, that’s not why we’re here. We’re here for Lyndsey and Sam and their engagement session. This was the first time we all ever met in person, but that didn’t stop me from knowing who they were the second they were walking toward the car (the suit case totally may have given it away). I wasn’t sure if they were here for the shoot or if they were coming home with us. haha…

The day, a frigid fall day for sure. These two though, oh, they sported it with fashion. From the coats to the scarves to the hugs and love. Yea, there may have been a runny nose or two, my hands may have been frozen solid (when is Nikon going to install built in heaters???). The shoot though, was GREAT!!!! And instead of rambling anymore, I’ll just share some of the photos and of course a quick video of the shoot… Enjoy it all and feel free to share some love for these two in the comments below.

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