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Engagement Session for Anna Maria & Ernie By Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic

2015-02-12_0019Every couple is different, unique in their own awesome ways. Their love, their connect, their ways thru life. And when I first met Anna Maria and Ernie at Starbucks in New Haven, I knew their wedding day would be an awesome one. I still know it will be, and it’s months away. Their connection though, great for sure. They laugh, they joke, they understand what’s important fir themselves as well as their partners.

2015-02-12_0002It wasn’t always that easy though, I mean, when they first met it was because Ernie was an escaped convict and they ran into each other. She looked at him nervously and he wouldn’t speak. A loss for words or??? She became more nervous as Ernie looked down at her, his head tilted just a tad and still…. He wouldn’t speak. Finally, knowing that if he didn’t say anything, she would be gone. Possibly calling the cops. Though that call would probably be doubtful since it was a Halloween party. but still…. I guess from there though, words weren’t needed because love took over. Because he asked and she said yes. And now…. They count the days down till September 26th 2015…. And on that night, New Haven will be the place to be for sure!!!

In the mean time, their little movie and some pics… And if you just need tips for your best possible engagement session you can find those ::here::



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