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Topsmead Engagement Session for Patrick and Melissa – Litchfield Ct.

Topsmead Engagement Session Posing Inspiration Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB PhotographicBeing a Ct. based travel and destination wedding photographer, it means I don’t get to personally meet all of my clients right from the start. What that means is that I am sometimes going into the engagement session “blind”…. The thoughts in my head – “do they enjoy having their photos taken?”, “are they camera shy or are they goofballs who will steal the show?”, “do they love, love? Will they be affectionate in a soft yet passionate way?”… Those thoughts continue on. And then the day comes and we meet…..

That’s pretty much how the engagement session for Patrick and Melissa went when we met early early on a weekend morning. Whoa… Back up… First they had to get there because they were lost in the Litchfield hills. Being stalked by a black bear and nearly attacked by a bobcat. Okay… Maybe there weren’t any bears or bob-cats. But there was a – how do we find the park because our GPS doesn’t like us…

Topsmead Engagement Session Posing Inspiration Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB PhotographicAnyway… There I am and here they come. Let’s do this. They jump out of the car and right from the start, there’s this awesome energy. Between them and all of us. The laughs, the sarcasm (I can be a bit sarcastic at times. haha)… The session rolled on as the sun rose up.

The gardens in full bloom, the grass tall and catching the sunlight and the poison ivy finding my legs. haha. From the chest bump to the bug finding it’s way into Patrick’s ear to the twirling and spinning wrapped up in the love these two have for each other…..

I guess, what I’m getting at here…….. This session, their session was a great way to spend the morning for sure and I can’t wait for their wedding!!!!


Location: Topsmead Park – Litchfield, Ct. 

Photography: Me – TAB Photographic Capturing weddings local and far and everywhere in between. 




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