Kasey and Ben In Ice Cream Love – The Misquamicut Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session

What happens when a boy sees a girl getting ice cream??? Well, he gets ice cream. And then he’s waiting for his ice cream and she goes and gets on the carousel. He forgets all about his ice cream and runs to also….. Get on the carousel. They were both 8 years old, families vacationing on the beach and as the kids do, they spend their days at the arcade, with the ice cream and riding the carousel. For the next 10 years or so, they would write each other, talk their families into doing the same vacation every summer so they could again, meet up, chase each other around and realize the world would be perfect if they could just run away and forever be in love……

Okay okay, maybe it didn’t go quite like that. Let’s start here.

Ben: Cool dude wearing his sunglasses and willing to just have fun and let go.

Kasey: Calm and collective and plays it cool (in order to keep up with Ben and his sunnies)…

As Kasey says, the reality isn’t that easy… “This day in age it’s easy to be jaded and feel like ‘THE ONE’ is an outdated idea. In a time where you have endless dating opportunities at the touch of a finger to a cell phone screen it seems less and less likely that you might want to settle down. Neither Ben or I was looking for a relationship but it FOUND US.” 

Things really got going in 2011 “Ben came to Summit Studios to take a few guitar lessons to get him ready for an audition at Berklee College of Music .
Our interactions were all business as he had tunnel vision toward his career as a musician and I was in a relationship at the time.
We exchanged pleasantries and I helped him arrange his lessons with one of our fantastic guitar instructors who ended up suggesting
that Ben consider going to LA to enroll in the Musicians Institute. Ben’s path then took him out West where he spent time in Hollywood
honing his craft while I went about my life holding down the fort at the music studio.” Fast forward and Ben would come back from the west coast and he in turn would begin his career as an instructor at Summit Studios!!!!! Put these two together, happily in their lives as single individuals, it was this connection and this love that would bring them so much more joy!!!

Since we took the plunge almost 5 years ago we’ve discovered so much about the importance of communication and that has become one of the strongest elements of our relationship.
We treat one another with kindness, respect and exercise honesty always. Our highlight reel of adventures over the past 5 years includes road tripping to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (neither of us had been to the hall of fame- I cried my eyes out it was such an amazing experience– ALL of those incredible musicians you’ve been listening to your whole life in one spot- it was a thing of beauty!!), climbing Mount Washington (Ben skateboards, I run- we decided to split the difference and try hiking together– did a bunch of hikes last summer leading up to the big one- Mt Washington! We cheered each other up the whole way- it was unseasonably warm and we got a clear view from the top! Sky’s the limit!) , road tripping from Vegas (where we saw the Beatle’s Cirque show ‘Love’) to LA to see Ben’s school stomping grounds and check out the Comedy Store (we both LOVE comedy), cruising to Mexico (with both sides of our family who we’ve brought together), seeing the Chili Peppers 5th row at Madison Square Garden (a band we’ve both loved all our lives– when we first started dating Ben burned me two old school cds with B sides from all RHCP’s albums and four years later we got to see them together- magic!) — and now we are Auntie and Uncle to our first niece who we get to take care of during the week before work at the studio!

At the end of the day- we are two happy people who were ok alone but so much better together. In this big, crazy and wild world (#catstevens) it’s nice to have someone that feels like home. That’s how Ben feels to me and one of many reasons I feel so thankful that our paths crossed for a second time and the universe intervened.

Ps. Our favorite foods are pizza (my fave in 5th grade- hasn’t changed!! lol) and tacos. Classic.”

So that’s them, that’s this. This love of theirs which was also part of this awesome engagement session. And the crazy part, Kasey didn’t even want to do an engagement session when we first began talking about this. And now, now I hope she’s glad they did. I know I am!!!

SIDE NOTE: Their small intimate wedding is going to be next door to Taylor Swift’s home. So I’m planning on having her come as my guest. Who can help make this happen??? 



Engagement Photos Watch Hill RI Ideas Inspiration

Engagement Photos Watch Hill RI Ideas Inspiration


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