A Collinsville, Ct. Engagement Session for Sarah and Jeff by TAB Photographic

2014-10-31_0002Yup, Collinsville is my town. And I don’t shoot here often. As a matter of fact, I sort of keep it from being over shot for my own reasons. I just like to keep it sort of private. I mean… Till I post about it I guess. 😉

Anyway. It’s time to share some love for these two. Both have this friendship and love that pulls them together. Add in there, their love for traveling and you’ve got a couple that’s meant to be. (I actually just got an e-mail, literally 3 minutes ago that they’re in Vegas right now. Not FAIR! haha) The weather was beautiful, the wind calm. The sun high… And Sarah, well, she hung in there like a trooper even though she was feeling pretty under the weather. Honestly, if she hadn’t told me, or if I hadn’t caught on to how her energy level sank the second I said we were done, I never would have known.

2014-10-31_0004So starting out on the bridge in town with a cute sign she made so that they could use a photo or two for save the dates was awesome (those images are being kept secret for the most part). I’m pretty sure we can thank Pinterest for that??? And their date, 9.11.2015… The wedding, that’s going to be a great one at Candlewood Inn. Man, the way the sun sets over that place is fantastic. Pretty much as fantastic as it did for us. Throwing light across the autumn trees and foliage. It’s that golden hour, that moment when the lighting is perfect and their loves matches right up…

Enjoy the photos, enjoy the slideshow and get ready because their wedding will be coming up before they know it.

Feel Free to leave these two lovers some extra doses of love down in the comments area below the post. 😉


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