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Philosophy 1


To us, set pacakges would be like a bride walking into a bridal shop and only having a three gowns to choose from. What fun would that be??? Don't you think your photography deserves the same customizing as the rest of your day??? I know we do. So while we don't have packages set to send your way, we hope we can chat about what you truly want for your day and work together to create a perfect option.

Philosophy 2


Just as we don't want set packages, we also don't believe in set timeframes. For one, how many weddings do you know that are running on time??? Unfortunately not many. So stressing out about "oh gosh, my photographer is going to need to leave or we're going to have to pay them more $$$" just isn't something your day needs. Instead your day deserves to be captured as it unfolds and in turn, captured in a way to tell your story.

Philosophy 3


We want to capture your day wether it's near or far, 10 minutes or 10 flights away. For us, it's not about shooting the same locations we know and can just breeze thru. It's about capturing love, no matter where it is, and working with the elements to create images unique to you and your day. So far or near, we can assist in making your dream day the beautiful reality it will be!

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The truth about pricing is that I hate to even talk about it. In a perfect world, we would still live in a system of barter. We would do things with only our love at mind, and to do so because it would make the other persons day brighter.


But the reality is that society in this day and age doesn't allow that to be possible. And while some photographers may post package A,B or C... That's not my style. Not because I'm going to tell you that we start my options at $5000.00 <-- I do not. The real reason is because this is more personal than that. This is your wedding day, unique to you. So how could I possibly give every couple options of A,B or C... Instead, I want to work with your actual dreams and needs to help make awesome happen. So use the contact tab above and let's work together to come up with a couple options that will work around your needs, your desires and your dreams. And to top it all off. Let's see what we can make possible within your budget!


How do you like them apples!


Oh! On a side note, if you're strictly looking for pricing to compare a bunch of photographers out there, I may not be the photographer for your day. Not because I may be priced out of your budget, not because I don't think you're cool, but simply because I don't believe photographers can truly be comparable on a "price point"... We are going to be so involved in your day, your goal should begin with finding someone who's work you enjoy, next, making sure that they will be a fit for your day, (you don't want someone lame walking around with you all day do you?) and then finally, working out the details on budget. Cool??? (okay, that might have been more than a side note…)



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