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The Studio

Located in the sweet historic New England town of Collinsville, Connecticit, the TAB Photographic studio nestles itself into the old factory along the Farmington River. After a good amount of work, the space went from a storage unit to a 1200 sf. space that still holds its rustic and factory feel and even smell, to a space that everyone seems to want to hang out in. And that's okay with us. Reach out and stop in sometime. But let us know because it's by appointment or chance.



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founder / owner:

I thought for a while about what to write here and well, I realized something. The photographs I produce should really tell it all. My work should tell what kind of photographer I am and just what it means to me.

Sure, I could tell you how I got back into photography when my father passed away (he too was a photographer), I could talk about how I don't hide the fact that I love what I do and I know how truly lucky I am. I could talk about my pup, my kids or many other things, but all that stuff, that's more fun to talk about over a drink or a DRINK... haha. (Oh, I crack myself up a lot too) Approaching weddings with a storytellers philosophy. Understanding that the last image of the day may be just as important as the first. I know for sure that you will love all of your photos for the rest of your lives and their value to you will far exceed any amount of investment. For these reasons I don't believe in running the business as many photographers do, no set packages, no limit on photos taken and well, but instead simply working with you to create a whole lotta' awesome! 46rom there, everything is done by the team here at TAB, from the first e-mail to the last blog post, from creating your thank you cards to. sending off your wonderful package of love. Nothing is outsourced and we strive to simply create your story with love. Inspired by every one of our couples, and strive to create images that reflect who our clients are as individuals as well as together. If you want awesome, if you want fun, if you want a photographer for your day you can truly trust to not only create beautiful timeless images but also help guide you thru your day when needed, I'm hoping that can be us... As always...... Shine on...

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mother - Wife - Connecticut-based wedding photographer, but I absolutely adore traveling all over the globe for photography. My creative approach to weddings includes visual artistry, passionate skill, and a heck of a good time! My love for people is the fire behind my love for photographing portraits, whether it's a wedding day, maternity photos, or family portraits. Because I come from a family with seven children, I bring the relaxed, "everyone is family" vibe to each of my sessions. I studied Visual Fine Arts: Photography in college, therefore I'm slapping the rule of thirds on many of my frames and composing images with lines and negative space in many of my photographs. My creative juices start flowing around golden hour o clock and I tend to bring that attitude with me throughout the day. The more creatively, the more art, the better! There is nothing more important to me than photographing the fantastic, embracing love that you both share. On your wedding day, I strive to creatively photograph the true personalities in your relationship and will definitely crack a bunch of corny, sarcastic jokes in the mean time. But seriously! What is more beautiful than a bride and groom living in the moment together and sharing a genuine laugh?! I'll direct you, relax you, and then just allow you to be yourselves together, after all, that's what your wedding day is all about: being together! So let me be a part of those timeless memories, capturing the photographs that tell the beginning story of your love, the story of your newborn baby on the way, or the story of your growing family, because my mission is plain and simple: to capture your legacy.

Ali Margo CT wedding photographer


I laugh a lot and I'm quick to smile i'm the perfect traits of a Pisces! I am a dreamer, a soul-searcher, a visual storyteller, a believer, and a creator. I move through life with open eyes observing and exploring all that is around me.

Behind my lens, I am alone, yet I am one with everything. I am simple and extraordinary. I am able to stop time, capture the soul of a moment and hold onto it forever. I find magnificence in moments that move me, that call to my soul those moments that contain a lifetime of memories, emotions, and stories.

A visual storyteller, Ali is about connection and creativity... Feeling a connection to world that she photographs... Whether it be a landscape, a child, a city street, or a plate of pasta! It's the connection of energy that creates a spark, and in a split second, an unscripted story is told. When looking at her photographs, she is easily transported back to the moment standing behind lens where connection and creativity came together.

Creating photos for myself and for others. Ali creatied to connect, in hopes that others will look at her photographs and feel a connection; feel understood; feel empowered; feel joy; feel inspired; feel a desire to cry or laugh or dance or love or change the world or to just be still.

Allie Wedding photographer in CT TAB photographic


Hi there! I am a full time professional photographer based in New London, Connecticut. My style is warm, authentic, and candid - I love capturing the genuine emotions and real moments that make your relationship unique. =46rom the proposal, to your engagement, to the wedding day and beyond, documenting unique love stories is what makes my heart sing. I employ a hybrid photographic style of both digital =
photography and traditional 35mm film to capture all of life's adventures.
I love music, coffee, museums, and adventures. One of the dreams that I'm currently working on is my goal to photograph all of the national parks in the US. If you bring a kitten or a French bulldog to your photo session, you will be my new best friend!


Hi, I'm Dani! I'm a lover of hiking in national parks, scuba diving, trying foods from different countries, and my two cats. Oh, and pizza. Life is all about balance. Capturing raw emotion, true love, and all the silly moments in between truly brings me joy. I'm thrilled to be part of your special day as part of the TAB team!



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